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International and National Transport.

We offer our customers a wide range of services. We take cargo, extra cargo, dedicated loads (cars 1.5 t - 8 pallets, 3,5 t - 15 pallets, 6t - 18 pallets.) and standard full trucks and also sets (33-38 pallets). The type of means of transport is selected to meet the needs and requirements of the client (car tarpaulins, isotherms, car coolers). We take also an oversize loads. All cars are equipped with GPS navigation system and mobile phone, so that we have a constant monitoring of the goods entrusted to it. We have also adapted vehicles for the transport of hazardous materials, subject to the provisions of ADR. Our drivers have the qualifications required to carry out such orders. We have specialized hardware to this kind of transport, we organize the authorizations for transfers and the convoys. Years of experience have allowed us to select a trusted group of carriers, who have a diverse fleet of vehicles appropriate for even the most sophisticated requirements of clients. For our customers we transport to/from : Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, Russia , Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom.


National Road Transport..

In national transport, we offer support for tractors with standard semitrailers the so called: curtains, sets, the cars with cooling system - type Mega carrying capacity 24t, 33 pallets. We also carry a cargo by the dedicated cars 1.5 t-8 pallets, 3,5 t-15 pallets, 6 t – 18 pallets, also in controlled temperature. We also offer specialized cars to carry an oversized loads and also semi-trailers to carry steel and building materials.


Warehousing and Logistics..

Storage in our understanding is not only keeping in warehouses, but also a range of essential processes that allows for full support for every customer. We offer short and long term storage of goods using shelves and pallet shelves with medium and high storage along with their loading and unloading. The goods which are stored are prepared for the overall shipments to certain locations designated by the client.


Take a reasonable decision – find the best solution and – contact us..


International Transport and Spedition. We are a resilient industry Transportation - Freight - Logistics.


To ensure the high quality of our services, we have a constantly updated certificates

Contact Us

Mariusz Wdowiński
mobile. +48 (0) 696 471 069
email. spedycja@magnatt.eu


ul. Moniuszki 9, I piętro
PL 05-200 Wołomin

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